SoundPass is biometric self-check software that looks for changes in a person’s FCV signature. Using artificial intelligence, it compares each user’s current cough to their previously established baseline, to identify any changes. It can be used every day – even multiple times per day - with results available in under 2 minutes via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Biometrics SoundPass

This tool is designed to detect subtle changes that may be the result of exposure to a pathogen, chemical agent, or environmental toxin experienced by the user. If SoundPass detects changes, it alerts the user in about 2 minutes. SoundPass does not diagnose or identify the reason for the mismatch.

Like the check engine light on a car, SoundPass cannot identify what has caused the change or diagnose any illnesses – only that a change has been observed.

Biometrics SoundPass Screens

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Biometrics SoundPass

SoundPass is a biometric FCV tracking tool that functions like a personal "check engine light" to identify potential problems.

A personal self-check for peace of mind.

Get a quick check anytime, from anywhere, with just a cough. Get your results in 2 minutes.

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