FCV Sentinel tracks FCV scores to provide an early warning if problematic changes are identified.

FCV Sentinel is a threat-agnostic early warning system, based on RAIsonance’s proprietary technology: Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) analysis. This tool is designed to detect subtle changes that may be the result of exposure to a pathogen, chemical agent, or environmental toxin experienced by the user. These changes are reported as an FCV Impact Score, with higher numbers indicating little or no change. Lower numbers indicate notable differences that may warrant further attention. For businesses and organizations, aggregate data is presented on interactive dashboards in near real time, and can be customized to track readiness by group, location, region, etc.

Any of the impacts detected by FCV Sentinel can produce a notable change in the user’s FCV, represented by an FCV score that is generated with each new cough check. Higher scores – between 80 and 99 – tell the user that little or no change has been detected. Scores between 50 and 79 indicate that a notable difference has been detected. Scores below 50 indicate a significant change that may warrant a health work up.

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Early-warning that helps define wellness threats faster

This digital wellness product is designed to support individuals seeking to track their own FCV status as well as large employers, colleges and universities, and airline or cruise ship passengers. The FCV Sentinel user interface is a mobile app, and does not require sensors, hardware, or equipment installation requirements. While FCV Sentinel does not diagnose any conditions or distinguish between pathogens and chemical agents, it is designed to provide a fast, biometric, early-warning signal of a potential health issue for any user or organization.

FCV Sentinel

RAIsonance’s proprietary technology, Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) analyis, enables companies, organizations and individuals to monitor FCV status and track any changes that would warrant further attention.


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A Powerful Workforce Health and Wellness Solution.

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