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RAIsonance specializes in artificial intelligence-powered analysis of Forced Cough Vocalizations (FCVs) to achieve a range of health-related outcomes. As a signal, this intentional cough is a rich source of biometric and biomarker data that represents detectable features indicating changes or specific disease signatures.

Our FCV Technology

Tracking FCV Wellness

RAIsonance has developed proprietary FCV analysis technology that tracks impacts and resulting alterations to respiratory function. Our tools detect changes in an individual’s unique FCV using advanced audio processing, specialized feature extraction, machine learning, and proprietary artificial intelligence models and techniques. This specialized technology can identify minuscule, potentially high-risk changes that take place in an individual’s FCV by comparing current coughs to a baseline profile for that individual.

To build a complete biometric FCV profile or baseline, users provide a series of intentional coughs over a prescribed period of time using the custom sound capture features found in RAIsonance’s line of mobile app-based products. Once collected and analyzed, this extremely rich, multi-dimensional group of data points becomes the user’s baseline FCV profile. It is in effect an exceptionally detailed imprint of each person’s respiratory system that is as unique to them as a fingerprint or retina scan. RAIsonance technology considers the upper body to be a complex and adaptable resonance chamber, and this imprint takes into account the current respiratory signature function from the diaphragm all the way up to the frontal sinuses.

Once a baseline is established, users then cough again into one of the Raisonance wellness apps. The cough is sent to the cloud where it is analyzed, and a result is then sent back to the user via the app, in about 2 minutes. These products are designed to provide scores to users that are specific to the product line.

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FCV Signature Analysis

“The convenience of this FCV-based Wellness and Diagnostic technology is unsurpassed. The rigorousness and reliability of our products is also unsurpassed, making this modality valuable, a trusted technology in healthcare.”

Liz Maxwell-Schmidt

President of the American Association of Physician Specialists

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