MyAdvocate is designed to help users track their recovery from chronic conditions like Long COVID, as well as support users through their smoking and vape cessation journey.

MyAdvocate is a set of AI-powered mobile applications designed to track respiratory wellness by analyzing a person’s Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) – an intentional cough. To set up MyAdvocate, users cough into the app several times over the course of a day, creating a multi-dimensional matrix of dozens of features, that is as unique as a person’s fingerprint. With this baseline in place, users can then cough at any time to have MyAdvocate compare their current cough to their baseline, and generate an FCV score.

Specialized Versions for Specific Requirements

For Long COVID sufferers, MyAdvocate tracks ongoing respiratory dysfunction. For smokers or vape users, MyAdvocate tracks the user’s journey away from their prior respiratory status as a smoker, providing an FCV Improvement Score to document their improvement over time. In development are versions of MyAdvocate for COPD, Asthma, SIPE and more.

MyAdvocate includes a customized symptom diary to help the user document their experiences. The app also gives users the option to enter their self-collected vital signs so they can store many aspects of their health data in the same place.

MyAdvocate provides users data-rich reporting they can use themselves or share with healthcare providers or family members. Healthcare providers can use this reporting for ongoing patient monitoring or to get an updated status of a patient prior to a appointment.

The MyAdvocate line currently includes versions for:

  • Long COVID sufferers, tracking ongoing dysfunction and severity. After creating their baseline, the user can cough again and receive an FCV Impairment Score to evaluate the degree of dysfunction from the current submission, and document their symptoms at any time.
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  • For smokers and vape users, MyAdvocate Smoker Recovery and Vape Recovery starts with a user’s profile once they’ve decided to quit, and thereafter tracks the smoker’s journey from their prior respiratory status as a smoker, providing an FCV Improvement Score to document their improvement over time.
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  • Coming soon: MyAdvocate for COPD and Asthma sufferers.
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RAIsonance’s MyAdvocate products track conditions and help users monitor their own progress, providing both useful information for recovery as well as motivation for further progress. Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) analysis provides reliable scoring on which status and progress can be evaluated.

Track your progress with just a cough.

Use our AI technology to help smoking or vape cessation, and to support Long COVID sufferers.

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