MyAdvocate FCV Check is a proprietary, AI-powered tool built to manage and monitor patients with chronic respiratory illness. This inexpensive mobile app is non-invasive, easy to use, and ideal for ongoing support of Chronic Care Management (CCM) patients.

MyAdvocate FCV Check analyzes the sound of an intentional cough - a Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV). The patient coughs into the user-friendly mobile app and their cough sounds are sent to the cloud for analysis. In less than 2 minutes both the patient and caregiver receive the result.

Supporting the business of Chronic Care Management

The app is designed to boost and unlock multiple CCM reimbursements each month. Both the CCM service provider and HCP benefit from additional revenue. By incorporating MyAdvocate FCV Check into a personalized care plan for an eligible patient, the Provider can bill CMS for the time they spend each month reviewing data with, or on behalf of, the patient.

Features include:

  • All patient activity is logged in the database and captured in a dashboard for the Care team. This offers a foundation for patient interaction and on-going discussion. Data is organized and accessible to simplify billing.
  • Integrating MyAdvocate FCV Check into a care plan is fast and easy - no equipment to purchase, no start-up costs, and no shipping. Patients simply download the app onto their phone.
  • Partnering with RAIsonance is straight forward and transparent. We accommodate both flat-fee and revenue share-based models. There are no rigid contracts – month-to-month implementation is the norm.
  • The MyAdvocate FCV Check platform is ideal for tele-health visits.
  • Providers can incorporate MyAdvocate FCV Check into the personalized care plans for their COPD, asthma, lung cancer and CHF patients.
  • The MyAdvocate FCV Check platform is ideal to support respiratory patients for CCM, PCM, and TCM, as well as Complex cases.
  • The real-time interactive dashboard and live alerts are available to review and analyze data 24/7/365. Clinical personnel can review the data and discuss with patients at any time.

MyAdvocate FCV Check is rich in patient benefits

The easy-to-use mobile app is free to download for Android and iPhone users. It uses AI to conduct a customized, in-depth analysis of each patient’s respiratory system by assessing cough samples.

My Advocate FCV Check includes sections for Vitals recording and Symptom tracking which organize and simplify record keeping for the user. No more scribbling on Post Its or in messy notebooks. Time stamping is automatically added.

The technology creates a sophisticated, completely customized respiratory profile for each patient, as unique to them as a fingerprint. Patients can send cough scores and symptom/vital signs reports to Care Team via the app at any time.

The app helps spot triggers and upcoming acute exacerbations, providing an early warning and ongoing data.

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RAIsonance’s MyAdvocate FCV Check is purpose-built to track respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Lung Cancer, COPD, Heart Failure, and HIV / AIDS.

Designed to unlock additional monthly reimbursements, the easy to implement platform is a win for Health Care Providers, CCM service providers, as well as patients.

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Track and monitor with just a cough.

Let our AI technology support your chronic respiratory disease patients with our feature rich, user friendly mobile app.

Boost your business with a platform built to integrate with Chronic Care Management programs while enhancing monthly reimbursements.

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