The AudibleHealth Dx Diagnostic Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) platform is designed to diagnose illness by analyzing the sound of a person’s Forced Cough Vocalization (FCV) using artificial intelligence.

The cloud-based diagnostic platform is highly scalable and secure, and uses a mobile app as the user interface. The device is designed so that users cough 8 to 10 times into the app, and receive the diagnostic results in about 2 minutes. This fully digital diagnostic approach is designed to allow for fast and easy diagnostic testing with no swabs, no lines, no waste, no expiration dates, and no waiting.

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Audible Health Dx

AudibleHealth Dx is an investigational diagnostic SaMD platform, designed to diagnose COVID-19, TB, and Influenza using only the sound of a person’s cough via a mobile app.

AudibleHealth Dx is currently under review by the FDA and Health Canada.

A new era in diagnostic testing.

Our AI-powered diagnostic testing platform is designed to make testing faster, more convenient, non-invasive, and effortlessly scalable.

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