Sentinel ROI Calculator

The Ultimate Workforce Preservation System

Delivering over 300% ROI the first year

FCV Sentinel is designed to help employers anticipate and rapidly react to workforce disruptions caused by contagious illness.

Using advanced AI and sophisticated biometrics, the mobile app identifies personnel who are getting sick, and continuously updates live dashboards. Management can rapidly identify teams, departments and locations where illness is likely to disrupt employee health and workforce productivity.

Combating Presenteeism and Absenteeism

The system helps ensure that sick personnel stay home and recover, and don’t bring contagious illness that can infect others into work.

To calculate Sentinel’s ROI for your company, enter the Number of Employees below and get an instant ROI report:

How the Sentinel ROI Calculator works:

According to the Integrated Benefits Institute:

  • The annual cost of absenteeism per employee is
  • The annual cost of presenteeism per employee is
  • The total of these 2 costs is

FCV Sentinel can reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism by at least %
The annual cost per employee for FCV Sentinel averages
The net savings per employee with FCV Sentinel in place is
The ROI calculator calculates this net savings by the number of employees you enter above

Download our new Workforce Risk Forecast – ungated and free of charge

Take a look into the next few months of expected workforce disruptions. The forecast details the likely impacts to workforce wellness and productivity due to the spike in contagious illnesses like Flu, RSV, Group A Strep and COVID-19.

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